Is Christmas Truly Over? The Mystery of Christmas Unfolded.

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  America’s biggest holiday is over, and the New Year has been rung in. It’s time to move on to what’s ahead! Yes. And at the same time, not so fast, friend. Something happened to me this Christmas that still has me playing carols and classic Christmas hymns and rejoicing. There is something going on in me that cannot let … Read More

Let Freedom Ring

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Let freedom ring from coast to coast and shore to shore Jesus Christ, the only way through heaven’s door Let freedom ring from mountain top high and valley low The Word of God to show us so Let freedom ring across the nation Make disciples is the proclamation Let freedom ring from state to state Regenerated men freed from hate … Read More

New President, Same Rule of Law

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At our nation’s capital on January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence were sworn into office as the 45th President and 48th Vice Presidents of the States united. These elected men pledged an oath to uphold and defend OUR Constitution. Only then are they recognized as the highest Constitutional officers of our Union—that is key. Though elected on … Read More

Corruption in Politics Does not Exist

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Deception of the True Source of America’s Demise Americans are well into that 4-year cycle where campaign races for the highest Constitutional office are in full swing—the run for the president of the 50 States, United. Conversations and debates get real colorful at this time. Individual character and the maligning of such is all too often par for the course … Read More